CHA Coaching Requirements

Thank you for your interest in coaching in the Calumet Hockey Association. Below you'll find information on the paperwork that must be completed in order to join your team on the ice. 

We recommend you start this process as soon as possible, since some items like the background check can take time to get processed. Coaching clinics can also be challenging, depending on the level you're seeking. Plan ahead!

We always welcome new coaches, especially with our Developing Mite (6U) and ADM-Mite (8U) programs. If you haven't signed up to coach yet, please register!


Your coaching paperwork needs to be forwarded to the registrar before being eligible to be on the ice. You can email your information to our Registrar; contact information is below. 

Coaches must have all of their required age-specific modules, background check, and Safe Sport course complete and current before they can participate on the ice and be rostered with a team. The exception is for the level clinics, which still have a December 31 deadline. 


  • USA Hockey Registration - Register as a coach at the USA Hockey Registration Website. Be sure to print the confirmation page with the barcode. Complete this step first, as the USA Hockey registration is a pre-requisite for other requirements.
  • Safe Sport Training - For all Coaches, Manager, and Locker Room Monitors - All coaches, team managers, and locker room monitors must complete Safe Sport Training bi-annually. This training is free. NOTE: You will need to provide your USA Hockey Registration number to take the training. The Registrar will be notified when your training is complete.
  • USA Hockey Background Screening - USA Hockey requires background checks for all coaches, managers, officials, board members and all volunteers of junior hockey. NOTE: You will need to provide your USA Hockey Registration number to complete the Background Screening. Also be aware that screenings are taking up to 2 months to complete, so complete this step as early as possible.
  • Complete the online age-specific module(s) for the age level of play you are coaching. (Cost is $10 per module and only needs to be completed once per age level. Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed) 
  • Coaching Education Program Certification Clinic Requirements (Must be completed by Dec. 31 each season) Find, register and attend the required certification clinic. The Cost is $55. You can only attend one clinic per season and all coaches start at Level 1. You can take clinics from April 1-Dec. 31 each season. 


Mobile phones, iPods or anything else that can take pictures or video are strictly prohibited from all locker rooms. Advise your players/coaches/parents to leave them in their cars or give them to someone else. MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT BRING THEM IN THE LOCKER ROOM! Penalties for breaking this rule include game suspensions.


On October 23, 2012, Governor Snyder signed into law legislation addressing sports-related concussions and required protocols for certain youth organizations. The governor signed two bills to inform students, coaches and parents on how to recognize a concussion. Senate Bill 1122 requires the Michigan Department of Community Health to develop both educational materials and a concussion awareness program. House Bill 5697 requires that all youth sports coaches, employees and volunteers participate in the concussion awareness program, as well as provide the educational materials to athletes.

To comply with these regulations, MAHA has adopted the USA Hockey Concussion Management Program and associated educational materials as its concussion management program. These educational materials include the Concussion Management Program handout, USA Hockey Concussion Poster and some other concussion related information. We are asking all parents and guardians to download the materials and review them with their player. Each season, players and parents will be asked to acknowledge that they have received and reviewed these materials prior to the start of the season.

Another part of the new legislation requires that coaches remove any youth athlete suspected of having sustained a concussion from all hockey activities immediately. The athlete may only return to practice or competition when the organization receives written authorization from a licensed healthcare provider. The association must retain the release for the entire time the athlete is registered with the organization, or until the athlete reaches 18. MAHA affiliated clubs, associations, coaches and administrators each have a responsibility in dealing with, reporting and retaining records of players with concussion symptoms.

Concussion can cause serious and long-term damage to young players if not treated properly. We urge you to review the materials and become familiar with the symptoms of concussions. Concussion awareness is part of our coaching education program, but many times a players symptoms may not show until after the player has left the arena for home. Parents also need to be aware of how to identify the symptoms and learn what to do in the case you suspect a player has sustained a concussion.

Thank you for taking the time to review these materials to ensure the safety of all our young players.

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