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ON-ICE GUIDELINES (Note these guidelines can change on a weekly basis, they are MAHA's mandates to help us comply with the government's orders.)

Although executive order 180 is no longer in effect, it has been replaced by the Michigan Department of Health's emergency epidemic orders. Below is a quote from their policy.

  • In organized sports, masks are required if 6 feet of distance can’t be maintained in that sport and the audience is limited to two guests per participant

Type of face coverings allowed by MAHA:

- Traditional cloth / fabric masks (worn on the face, covering nose / mouth)

- Neck gaiters (worn on the face, covering nose / mouth)

- Sports masks (worn on the face, covering nose / mouth)

- Bauer Concept III Face Shield with a Bauer Splash Guard(splash guard mustbe properly applied)

- CCM Game-On Face Masks

- Plastic shield that covers the nose & mouth (must be on inside of mask)

NOTE: Any facial covering attached to a helmet face mask, other than those made by a helmet manufacturer, may affect the HECC certification of the mask. Modification to the helmet face mask clips, which attach the mask to the helmet, are not acceptable alterations and may not be used in participation

- Facial coverings should be properly worn by coaches, players, trainers, game event staff, on-ice officials, off-ice officials, and spectators at all times during games

- Players will be sent back to the locker room if they come to the bench without a facial covering

- A penalty will be assessed if players enter on-ice competition without a facial covering

- Coaches must maintain physical distancing between players on bench during game play, stoppages, intermissions, etc. Space outside the bench area should be utilized to accommodate social distancing

- No pre-game or post-game handshakes will be conducted. Stick salutes will be utilized

- No pre-game or post-game huddles or team pile-ups on the ice

- Any observed violation of facial covering protocols by a team will result in an immediate 3-game summary suspension for the Head Coach, assessed by the MAHA

- Individual suspensions will also be instituted for non-compliance of facial covering protocols

- Associations whose member(s) is found in violation, will receive one warning. Additional violations within the association will result in immediate disciplinary action

There are no provisions in the Health Department's Order for a medical exception or waiver. This is not a MAHA regulation, and thus the MAHA has no legal authority to waive or modify this Order from the Michigan Department of Health.

Official Registration Requirements

The Calumet Hockey Association only employs officials that are registered with USA Hockey.  Registration at usually opens August 1st. In order to become an official, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Be at least 11 years of age.
  2. Complete USA Hockey official's registration on-line at and pay your registration fee via credit card on their website. Note: This is a separate registration process from your player registration. Registration, payment, seminar attendance sign-up, online seminar modules and open book exam are now done on-line. Online registration usually opens August 1st. If it is your first year officiating do not take your online exam until after the Seminar.
  3. Register for the seminar you wish to attend. (Note: this does not automatically happen when you pay your registration fee, it is another step that is required.) This is also done online at the USA Hockey website. U.P. Seminars are held in Calumet, Escanaba, Iron Mountain, St. Ignace and Marquette. Go to the Michigan Referee-In-Chief's webpage for dates and times (see link below).
  4. Attend a USA Hockey Officiating Seminar. Look for time and place at (see link below) after August 1. Bring your helmet, whistle, skates, protective gear, notebook, a #2 pencil and money for and/or lunch. The seminar fee is included in your USA Hockey Registration fee. Seminar pre-registration is required online, this is a required step in the process. The link for the seminar is also on the Michigan Referee-in-Chief web page (see link below). Levels 2, 3, & 4 will take a required closed book exam at the seminar.
  5. Watch and complete all "required" plus the necessary amount of "elective" online seminar modules for your level.
  6. Complete the on-line open book test and achieve a passing score for the level for which you are applying.
  7. Officials 18 years of age or older must complete a background check at and bring a printed copy of the email that you have accomplished this to the seminar. There is a fee for this (payable online), but it is good for 2 years. Again, a link for this form is posted at the Michigan RIC web page (see link below) and also under the Registration page of this website. Look for the Coaching Background Check link.
  8. If over 18, complete the SafeSport training at USA Hockey. You will receive information about these in the email from USA Hockey once you register. These are usually good for two years also.
  9. Once you are completely registered and have received your card and patch, contact Marc Norton, Calumet Hockey Association Referee Assignor. Game assignments are scheduled by him, and are done so on a weekly basis. His cell is 370-1300, business phone 337-1300, or email him at New officials and those that haven't been on the CHA payroll for a season must fill out a MI-W4 (see pdf below). No W-4, and you do your games for free. It's not my rule, it's the accountants who write the checks.
  10. Returning officials are reminded that their registration must be completed prior to November 30 to be preferred to be assigned games after that date.
  11. Your progress can be checked on your profile page at usa
  12. Once you receive your card and crest take a picture of your card and email it to the CHA referee assignor at

If you would like more information or have questions about becoming an official or would like to know what to expect, please contact Marc. Business phone: 337-1300; cell: 370-1300; email: Information regarding registration, seminar schedules, seminar registration and the background check may be found at this website:

Send me a copy of your card

When you get your card from USA Hockey be sure to email a picture of it to Marc Norton ( so he can assign you games.

If you are new this season I will need a W-4 (see bottom of this page for a downlable copy) in order to get you paid. A high resolution picture usually works for this as well. Make sure your information is legible so the accountant gets it recorded properly.


Contact Info and W-4

Below you will find a link for a downloadable pdf of the contact sheet and MI-W4 tax form. I have to have one to assign you games, the other to pay you.

Assignments are normally given via email, unless you specifically tell me to text or call. The email should be one that you check often and list the best phone number(s) at which you can be reached. (Under 18 officials please get your parents permission as to which phone and email you give me.)

New officials, I cannot, and will not assign games until I get the W-4. All officials, I cannot assign games to officials who are not complete, so get those tests done and watch those online modules!

Note: Normally I send out assignments by Monday afternoon. If I do not get a reply by Tuesday night I will assign the game to someone else.


Marc Norton

Off Ice Officials - Clock Runners Needed

It is important to have off-ice officials. Each team should have 3-4 adults who know how to run the clock and fill out a score sheet.

It is really not that difficult and is a real help to your team and association. Don't leave it to that one guy who's been doing it all season, what happens if he gets sick?

If your team would like a training session, a time could be arranged during a practice. Contact Marc Norton -

Online Game Reports

If you should happen to assess a game misconduct, match penalty or a major penalty that falls under rule 411, you must submit an online game report within 48 hours. Go to your official's profile page, a link to the game report page is there. In the case of a match penalty contact Eric Froberg (D8 RIC) ASAP before filing your report.

You must have the head coach's CEP number. Make sure it is on the score sheet before the game starts. The player's name and your partners are part of a pull down menu. Also ensure that the head coach has signed the score sheet before the game starts. We can't make them sign the sheet, but if they won't let me know and I'll file a complaint with the league.

Here's a link for the Michigan Referee-in-Chief's webpage: